The Young Photographers Nepal project was on the cover of GOOD Magazine, Summer 2015.

GOOD_Magazine_Summer2015_CoverThe cover photo was taken by student Krishna Hari Dulal, in his home village in Sindupalchowk.  About a week after the initial, April 25 earthquake, Krishna left Kathmandu and returned to his village to help #NepalRecovery there, and took a few images while he had time.  The photo is of members of his family rebuilding their home.

The story is viewable online here, and is available to purchase (which is highly recommended!) at Barnes & Nobles, Whole Foods, bookstores, and independent retailers across the country.


Artist-teacher Winston Struye with a copy of the magazine

Young Photographers Nepal also had a great article in the Peninsula News.  This article really talks about the whole story of the project’s evolution.  To read the article online click here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.38.20 am


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