#NepalRecovery Update

Update from Winston Struye, the Young Photographers Nepal Artist-Teacher.

I’ve made a detailed post about ways you can help #NepalRecovery here.  Nepal is still a magical place, within hours after the quake stories starting emerging of Nepali’s helping each out and let the meaning of their prayer flags colors ring vibrantly with compassion, emotion, and help.

The 7.9 earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 has had immense, devastating effects all through the South Asian region.  The death toll is (as of this writing) more than 4,000 and the destruction in Kathmandu is significant, and is expected to be much worse in many of the smaller villages around the country.  As of right now, this is looking to be one of the most destructive natural disasters in Nepal’s history.

Many Nepali’s are still grieving over lost family, friends, property, and many more are still living outside in makeshift tents, afraid of potential aftershocks that may still come.  Once they leave the tents, fear of epidemics will start to fill in.  But life must continue on, and from initial viewings, it seem like many everyday Nepali’s are taking on this attitude.  Everyone is aware of the destruction, everyone is fearful for the future, everyone is scared of the past, but everyone is especially aware of the present now more than ever.  People still trying to push through the harsh reality of the disaster around them and carry on with the sounds, smells, and culture of everyday Kathmandu.

This is not a story I’ve been seeing the news.  While many buildings collapsed in Nepal, there was also many that survived. While the tent life that most Kathmandu residents are living in is immensely difficult, these people are not letting that hold back their everyday happiness.  And these are the stories that the Young Photographers of Nepal would like to tell to the world.

From the beginning, the focus of the Young Photographers Nepal project was not to teach photography or take good photos, but have young Nepali’s recognise their own stories. Learning to observe a story and how to craft them in such a way that an audience can read them, then becoming empowered by the visual narratives that they live through everyday.  With the current situation here in Nepal, their stories are now more important than ever.

For the continuation on this project, the Young Photographers of Nepal will not be focusing on the #NepalEarthquake like all other media outlets, but will be turning their focus on #NepalRecovery.  The world needs to know that despite the catastrophe, Nepali’s are still strong are and still carrying on with their lives just like they were before the quake.  This is what the Young Photographers Nepal will be photographing for the coming weeks.  Please have a look at the PHOTOGRAPHS page to see more of this.

-Winston Struye
Young Photographers Nepal Artist-Teacher.

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