The goal of this project is to empower students through their own stories, let them realize their own creative potential, and develop not just their sense for visual communication, but their abilities to be critical thinkers. The Young Photographers Nepal is a project that will be instructing former street children of Kathmandu, Nepal, how to a tell their own stories through images, and then showcasing them to world.

I’m Winston Struye, an artist teacher for the Slideluck Youth Initiative.  As an artist teacher, I aim to teach observation, storytelling, and creative thinking, through the lens of camera.   With the help of some amazing other organizations, I’m bringing creative storytelling skills to a whole new group of Young Nepali Photographers.

In April of 2015, I’m teaching my creative photography lessons to a group of former Street Children at the ROKPA CHILDREN’S HOME in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The class has 8 amazing Young Nepali Photographers who has been receiving lessons in visual storytelling, the power of photography, composition, observation, and creativity.

This website is currently being updated as photographs from the students coming in.  Once Winston leaves, the blog will be up-kept by the students, where they will continue to tell their stories to world through this blog with the cameras that will be donated to their school as a part of this project.

The students will be producing a photography book as well which will be showcasing their everyday lives around Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal.  The book is coming together right now, look for updates on this website.

This project is a collaboration between ROKPA International, the 108 Lives Project and the Slideluck Youth Initiative.

To contact, please use the contact form below, or message winstonstruye [at] winstonstruye.com


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